Renovation loan – is it worth it and where to look for offers?


Financing a renovation is not always a simple matter, because it is often a big expense – especially if renovation means more than painting the walls with a different color.

Financing renovation

Financing renovation

Therefore, if you want to pay for the renovation from your own savings, it is worth starting to postpone for this purpose a few months earlier. If you do not have the funds set aside, you can use various types of loans. 

There are many advantages of renovation – we usually make it to feel better in our own home / apartment. Renovation, however, also increases the value of the apartment (house), which may be important when deciding to sell in the future.

Renovation can have a different nature – of course, the more complex, the more expensive. The fastest effects with the lowest expenditure can be achieved by changing the color of the walls, but not everyone is satisfied with this scope of work. Renovation also means general changes – replacement of panels, tiles, lighting, as well as furniture or interior design.

Where is the best way to get cash for renovation?

Where is the best way to get cash for renovation?

The first step should be a fairly accurate estimate of the total cost of the renovation. When it closes between 1500-2000 USD and we are paying back the loan within 30-60 days, the so-called payday loan (especially when we take advantage of the promotion of a free loan for new customers).

If you need more funds, or if repayment in installments is preferable, you should get a installment loan. Of course, first check the bank offers (they are much cheaper, but it is more difficult to get a loan), and then long-term non-bank loans.

It is also worth considering whether we can afford such an expense now – a loan for renovation is not always a reasonable solution.

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