Credit card looks for new clients to benefit from with its advantages

Credit cards are like a ‘closet fund’ in your wallet. That is, they are essential pieces that at any given time can save you from a fat woman.

Therefore, it is better that you throw yourself into the wallet one of quality, full of advantages, and that allows you to breathe easy before economic situations difficult to digest.

In short, we will put you in the background about one of the best credit cards on the market, the New Lender Gold Visa. We will explain how to hire it and the benefits associated with its use. So stay tuned and read carefully, it sure ends up being part of shopping routine.

Advantages of the Lender credit card

debt loan

  • You can hire this card without changing banks
  • The annual fee is free. So far everything perfect, right?
  • You can save, and not just anything, through BarclayCard Gallery, the company’s club of benefits specially designed for its customers. Thus, you will access discounts on food surfaces such as Eroski, Hipercor or Mercadona, as well as cinemas, hotels, restaurants and fashion stores. You can also benefit from VIP tickets in musicals and theater. It seems that things look great.
  • In addition, you will have € 5,000 under a credit line to which a 26.70% APR will be applied to be returned in five years. That is, and to exemplify the data, if the requested loan were € 1,000, a fee of € 96 would be paid monthly. And, therefore, the total amount due would amount to € 1,150
  • To make matters worse, 1% of all your purchases will be returned regardless of the establishment where you make them. Of course, without limits or restrictions.

Anyway, it seems that today is a good day according to what we have read about this credit card.

And how about the insurance aspect of Lender?

debt loan

Of course, Lender Visa Gold card does not neglect the insurance of its customers. Thus, it offers the following chart:


  1. Cash theft insurance. In this case, up to a maximum of € 600 per claim and € 1,500 per card / year.
  2. Free insurance in case of accidents, as well as travel assistance.
  3. It also provides its customers with protected purchase insurance with a maximum of € 6,000 per claim and up to € 8,000 per card / year.
  4. Thefts and losses are also the subject of this card and offers free insurance during the 24 hours against loss or theft, as well as protection in online purchases (up to € 1,000) of anti-fraud guarantee. The holder will also enjoy emergency insurance abroad (provided it does not exceed 500 euros).

How is the pay form?

How is the pay form?

Well, with the new Lender, you decide:

  • Up to 59 days without interest if you pay the entire amount (0.00% TIN, 0.00% APR)
  • Or paying monthly a percentage of the available balance (23.90% TIN, 26.70% APR)


Conditions to request the Lender card

This would be the face of the advantages, but now we have to examine what conditions we must meet so that the bank considers us ‘worthy’ of its Lender credit card. Well, let’s do it, since it doesn’t seem too complex, nor does it seem that the stars should be aligned for such a possibility:

  • Regarding the age requirement, the card applicant must be between 26 and 70 years old.
  • Have to be employed
  • Not be registered in a registry of delinquents such as the ASNEF.

How to apply for the Lender card?

The truth is that it is easier impossible, since the process has been greatly simplified thanks to the internet. In fact, it is possible to request it from our card comparator . You just have to click on the ‘request now’ button and after entering some general information in the form, you just have to wait a few minutes for Lender to call you to inform you in more detail.

A little history about the Lender card issuer

As in everything, you want to know who your daughter marries, right? Well here the same thing happens, we want to know a little more about the entity responsible for this card that intends to settle in our lives with the aim of simplifying everything.

In this way, the card is owned by Lender – until here without surprises – that was founded in 1690 in London – almost nothing as old as it is. Since then many credit cards have rained.